Parblo Bay B960 Plus 9 x 6 inches Graphics Drawing Painting Tablet

Parblo Bay B960 Plus 9 x 6 inches Graphics Drawing Painting Tablet

Parblo Bay, aiming to delivering more natural and realistic experience of drawing, writing, painting to unleash creativity for illustrators, artist or anyone interested in this field for intuitive operation, is well-conceived with a lot of improved fine details, let’s unveil and find out one by one.


Shining Points:

1.Smooth operation with imported paper-like film

Based on the pursuit of smooth operation, unleashing creativity of our customers by make it so real as drawing on paper, imported paper-like film was adopted to deliver really smooth drawing, writing, to unleash your creativity.


2.As light as you wish

ultra-thin and ultra light impressions, it weighs about 1.1 kg, the thickness is only 12mm.


ultra thin

3.Natural &Realistic experience of sketching on paper

improved nanotechnology papery surface gives you a natural and realistic feeling of drawing on the paper.

Micropressure Precision Sensor Technology
Micropressure precision sensor technology with light touch will get the painters back to traditional painting inspiration.
According to the hand force changes, the pen strokes can be adjusted to better express the inspiration of the creators.

realitic experience


















4.Multi-functional with 8 shortcuts   

Eight customized side buttons for shortcuts can be mapped to your own preference.


5.The pen is way smarter than you thought

(with digital eraser and programmable function keys)

Ergonomic arc design, more comfortable to hold; Humane innovative design, taking into account the different needs
of customers right-handed or left-handed; well-designed digital eraser at the end of the pen for easy use.



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