Lighting pad

Ultra-thin Parblo A4S LED Light Pad 

Copying seems to be the mother of success, which doesn’t mean poor imitation could prevail
the spirit of creating and innovating. However, basic skills and necessary trainings are of
great significance in early stage, as standing on the shoulders of giants. Such principle is being
followed in many fields, for instance, the art of painting and drawing.

three reasons to love this lighting pad:

1. Ultra-slim, sleek design to inspire you



2. Great illuminance , super transparent for a really good trace.


3. Adjustable illuminance to protect your eyes.


Tracing the traits of those great masterpieces to get your own inspiration!

This A4S LED Pad Light is really an ideal tool for such purpose. Ultra slim panel with an thickness of 5mm
is made of acrylic material, featuring good transparency and rigidity, and weighs only 0.6kg.

1. Material: Acrylic
2. Color: Black
3. Dimension: 360x265x5mm
4. Color temperature: 10000K
5. Lum: 2000lux
6. Power: 1.4W
7. Voltage: 5V
8. Cable length: 2M

Package contents:

1x A4S LED Light PAD
1x Power Cable




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